November 21, 2019

Is Your Heating System Ready for Winter?

As a homeowner, you can never be too prepared. The winter season is upon us and before the weather plummets, take this quiz to see if your home heating system is ready for the extreme cold temperatures. 

Have you checked your furnace’s filter?

Checking your furnace filter is an easy step you can take to maintain your home heating system. It takes minutes to do and can help your heating system run at its best. 

Is the furnace area clean and clear?

Keeping the area around your furnace clear is important for several reasons. If there is an issue with your furnace and an emergency situation arises, an expert will need to quickly get to your furnace in order to repair your heating system. Also, when your furnace is working around the clock, the area around it will become hot. Make sure that you have nothing flammable around your furnace or anything too close to it that could catch on fire. 

Is Your Home Ready for Winter? Have the Experts Take a Look!

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Have you checked the carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors?

With round the clock use of your home heating system, precautions should be taken. Make sure that your carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors are working properly throughout the season. 

Have you switched the direction of your fans?

Switching the directions of your ceiling fans is an easy way to keep hot air from rising. This is an easy hack that can not only save you money this winter season, but also can keep your home heating system running efficiently.  

Have you checked the accuracy of your thermostat?

If your thermostat isn’t sensing the right internal temperature, it could be telling your home heating system to run overtime or not enough. Changing your old thermostats for smart thermostats will not only save you money but also will keep your home at a more consistent temperature. 

Have you had your system cleaned?

You would never drive a car long distance that was sitting for months without taking it to a mechanic first. The same goes for your home heating system. Be sure to schedule your annual home heating system maintenance to get your heating system up and running and also to avoid emergency repairs. 

Have you replaced parts of your home heating system that need to be updated?

Part of maintaining your home heating system is listening to the experts when they say your heating system needs repairing or parts need replacing. A malfunctioning part of a machine can have a ripple effect and can do real damage to the system as a whole. Be sure to stay ahead of the game and replace broken parts in your home heating system before they cause a real problem. 

Have you shut down your AC system?

Another job for an expert to do is to properly shut down  your AC system. Also, make sure that it is properly covered outside, especially if you’re in an area that expects lots of snow each winter. 

Have you flushed your hot water tank?

Sediment builds up quickly over the course of a year. Flushing your hot water tank will ensure that it can run without a hitch this winter season. 

Has an expert checked for leaks?

During your regular scheduled heating system maintenance to your heating system, an expert can tell you if you have a small leak. Be sure to have that taken care of before it becomes a bigger issue and causes extensive damage to your heating system and home. 

Have you taken a look at the chimney?

A clogged chimney can cause issues as well. Make sure to take a peak so it can ventilate your home properly. 

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions,  your home heating system is in good shape. If you answered no,  especially to the questions that will require the attention of an expert,  don’t delay in calling a trusted company to service your home heating system. 

Although keeping up with some of your home heating system maintenance yourself is very important, you still need to call in the experts to do necessary heating repairs each season. Make sure to schedule your maintenance with a trusted heating specialist to ensure that your home heating system is running at its best this winter season.